LVL - ASAP Rocky

[Verse 1]
Mister Pistol Popper - Flocko locked and loaded
Life's a b_tch and she p_ssy pop (know why) cause I got her open
That p_ssy soakin', f_ck is you promotin'
Yea, you claim you rage, you hatin' like you live in Oakland?
I'm ride town - n_ggas with the roof back
Introduce you n_ggas to the new swag
Make you say a n_gga grew up too fast
F_ck I'm 'sposed to do with all this new ass
F_ck I'm 'sposed to do with all this new cash
Thousand dollar drawers just to hold my balls
All I ever do is let my jewels sag
Pac gone, but the "Juice" back
Get your popcorn, juice, snacks
It's a movie n_gga, with a new cast
Get the news flash, that the truth back
This is boom bap, mixed with new raps
Look at all the n_ggas that I blew past
Hood By Air, to the do-rag
N_gga make way for the new jacks

[Verse 2]
It's Mister Pistol Popper screaming "f_ck a copper"
I just bought a crispy choppa finna f_ck yo block up
Even cracked the pavement that's for n_ggas hatin'
I been impatiently waitin' to show you n_ggas Satan
All this talk of Illuminati ain't got a clue about me
B_tch I'm Trill-Maluminati and got my crew behind me
Shootas round me, keep them looters round me
Keep a tool around me, it'll keep you fools from round me
Couple of them dudes surround me with a gat
Wit a strap in a backpack
When they cap cap, leave you flat, better back back
On a fast track, ratatat, n_gga that's that
N_gga pass that, finna ash, where the hash at
Got a Kat Stacks with a ass, finna smash that
Make 'em cash that, A$AP then I pass that
Off to my n_ggas then she ask, "Where the cash at?"
I see dead people, I need dead people
Lord Pretty Flacko, b_tch, I behead people
Kneel and kiss the ring, all hail the King (hail the King)
Long.Live.ASAP. put that on everything (Everything)

...Alright, motherf_cker...

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