Purple Swag (Remix) - ASAP Rocky feat Paul Wall, Bun B & Killa Kyleon

[Verse 1: Paul Wall]
Purple paint thats Gucci rap
Drivin' slow, black on black
Backdoor seat, windows cracked
Dime in my lap put her head pull back
And a hand full of diamonds all on my wrist
Mouth full of ice, pardon my lisp
World full of hate is fear a few rips
So I open my mind and stack up my chips
Lollipop grinds, got a whole lotta' licks
From paper planes to a house made of bricks
Big ol' coked cup with codeine mix
That I'm so thrown that I'm still gettin' lit
And everything is purple, baby

I said
Everything is purple (Swag)

[Verse 2: Bun B]
Trill OG and I rep the South
And I rep the streets and I rep the hood
And I'm grippin' grain, grippin' stain
And I'm flippin' man and its kinda good
I'm holdin' wood with diamonds on it
Hit the block and I'm gridin' on it
With a big ol' chain and a big ol' piece
Cause when I'm in these streets I be shinin' homie
Haters better get their ass behind me homie
Cause I'm in the front and I'm takin' charge
And when I'm done I'mma have a homie run
And they hard to find like they El Debarge
My swag is large, extra large
I can barely fit it up in this room
But don't sweat the side and don't be surprised
If your b_tch and mines and I'm the sh_t to swoon
Not lick the blunt and I pass the 'dro
Spit my game and I smash your ho
But now I ain't trick is no passion door
Then I hop up in this slab then I mashed you bro
I got a passion for this southern flow
This that purple life and we thuggin' bro
These haters might not really understand it
But this that good cause we love it tho
This PAT, that's where I'm from
That's what I rep and that's how it go
I roll with rocks so get up off the jock
From New York to PA this that purple flow


[Verse 3: A$AP Rocky]
Purple swag, purple swag, I'm in the zone, I'm getting throwed
That purple swag, purple swag, that purple smoke up in my clothes
That big booty, juicy fruity, yellow bone, I wanna bone
I'm getting dome, I took her out, d_ck in her mouth, she getting on
I'm flexing steel, I'm flexing still, I'm sitting high, I'm tipping slow
I'm Texas trill, Texas trill, but in NY we spit it slow
(I got these boppas going crazy, they see me coming
Robitussin, quit discussing, A$AP tell these n_ggas something, swag)


[Verse 4: Killa Kyleon]
Fo's spinnin like the sh_t under my wave cap
Chest rocking like a n_gga named asap
Fast money man i get mine asap
Always stacking and i'm paid that's asap
Wood gripin
Candy dripin
Four in my 20 im candy sippin
Fill my perscribition im leaning ho
Nightmare cup im dreamin ho
Trill n_gga like chad and bun b
Crocidile seats inside im dundee
Slow that down screw rocks a see
Im getting rap money but i used to run d
Mc real run it
Frank cyser sh_t
Any beat get punished
Ya'll got problems
I get money
So my neck fist, wrist always look sunny
I stay fresh
Ya''ll n_ggas look bummy
Cold with the flow
So i ball like tommy
I keep a yellow bone like gina
Thick like serena
My pockets on venus n_gga

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