Something for Nothing - Asher Roth feat Coyle Girelli

[Verse 1 - Asher Roth:]
Ey, yo I gave it all
Maybe save me some
Save the crumbs for a rainy one
Pay me nothing
Ungrateful lust
Put faith and trust in unfaithful love
Play the game
She would play for fun
Straight his face
She would taste the cum
Change of ways
And make you raise a gun
A spotless mind can't erase the sun
And your retire plan has gone dark
She ain't got a feeling, she ain't got no heart
Blame it on the back, looking up stars
Telling bout the past
Telling everything he thought of
When he first saw her, how he want a daughter
But her mother better be cut from the goddess cloth
Hardest part is she hardly talks
And a kiss, eyes wide as the sky is tall

[Hook - Coyle Girelli:]
I wanna another one, A love
I must of given the sea
If you want something out of nothing
Then you won't get much from me
Someone in life used to tell you
That the best things are free
If you have something out of nothing
Then you won't get much from me

[Verse 2 - Asher Roth:]
These Walls
I built
Free fall
Climb, fail
Please, no
Try still
Keep going
Cry help
Eyo, back for more i guess thats a lure
Pass some more , whether i ask for yours
Back and forth an attractive sore
I got a passion for it, a fantastic force
Pass the point, i can't stop
Do I gotta severe at the source or just ride?
When you're in a war, and the doors only box
Searching for the shore is the only thing you got

[Hook - Coyle Girelli]

[Verse 3 - Coyle Girelli:]
Wake up, if you want to make a change
Are we gonna break up, cause i can't carry on this way
Smother me in nothing, I'd still get for you a golden pearl
I bet its like a coffin, what happen to the naughty girl

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