Right Side of The Bed - Atreyu

I can see her now
Dancing around, her drink in hand
All her baggage in tow
I just want to f_cking let her go
Of all the joy, all of the pain
I took your guilt and placed it into me
And now I kiss it goodbye
Our last dance ended fatall

Who's sleeping on my side of the bed tonight?
Have you ever cried so hard?
Baby you just died

There she goes again
Another masquerade in false circumstance
She'll f_ck you just for the taste
I just wish I could replace all the memories
Of what makes my blood run cold
And as your blood flows through me
I say goodbye to what we had

She came and went
I gnawed through my lip
Makeup smeared in her eyes
Each sob's a reason to say goodbye.
Sometimes when you're holding on
You'll never see the light

With flowers in her hair
I gazed upon with dead lovers eyes
She never looked so good
And I never felt so right

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