Your Private War - Atreyu

From my own eye I have been burning down bridges
My only problem was forcing I was stabbed and carved out
I never looked down and now I lay deep in your bullsh_t
If your ready for a battle then I'm ready for a war
So we can dance to see what lies
How easily we're deceived
How easily we will lead

Oh no I'm out of ammo
Your bullet buried in my head
For everyday is another slug
I will pour them out of my chest x2

So raise your voices
And hold your hopes up high
Tell your stories run your mouth and tell your lies

After all this time don't wash my blood off of your hands
Any crack can see you so the out s_cking mixing in
What does it make you the f_cking
Just to f_cked up to pull yourself up
Are those your always pulling down

Chorus x2

You've cursed my name burned down my house
As I let my soul you gas your town
And I can live without

Your passing judgement the sun eclipses
The feeling is though I can not see you've had your chances x2

Chorus x2

Close my eyes curse my name x2

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