40 Nights - August Burns Red

You're living for today, but your future is
looking bleak. One day it'll all come crashing
down. Nothing lasts forever. You've only
planned for the here and now. Live fast and
die young. It's what's ahead, but just remember
slow and steady wins the race, so pick your
head up and keep your mouth shut. You are
the captor of originality. You are the thief of
authenticity. Respect is something that you'll
never see. Everything you write all sounds
the same. You're forsaken. Forsaken on this
mountain. The bridges have turned to ash.
This is your final hour. This is your great fall.
You won't make it out alive so say your dearest
goodbyes. You are Goliath standing firm in
your light. We are David's and you're in our
sights. Your dreams have come true. Have
you forgotten the reason why? Life, death,
dreams, wealth- nothing lasts forever. Greed,
envy, gluttony will amount to nothing. Nothing
lasts forever. The earth is about to quake.
Brace for impact. Run for the hills. Brace for
impact. It's a long way home. Brace for impact.
Run for the hills. You'll surely end here.
Goliath, we're screaming your name. Goliath,
we're coming for you.

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