Existence - August Burns Red

This hollow feeling, the knowledge that
you exist amidst your insecurities. Cover
up only to coward out, and never shutting
up only to never speak aloud. Have you
dried up entirely? The walls of a church
don't make it holy. It's what's authentic
that completes the sum of its parts. Don't
excuse yourself from today on the pre-
tense of your past. You're hurt. You're bro-
ken. That's alright. This might be what it
takes to wake you up. Are you at your wits
end yet? Security isn't glitzy or glamor-
ous, concrete or cohesive. Therein lies the
truth. Lift your head up high. It's what we
know we aren't, that makes us who we are.
You're hurt. You're broken. That's alright.
That makes us who we are.

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