Leveler - August Burns Red

You have become a malicious liar that breathes for
attention. playing charades,
wearing the head of a lamb.
My days consumed by nights of you.
Howling at the moon as if you were wounded but no,
you're the one showing teeth,
ready to feast on newborn beginnings as you cry wolf.
We know, 8,064 hours of conspiracy.
200 months which brings me 17 years of lies and betrayal.
The truth, Never seen. Never told.
Never known. You'll never tell the truth.
All I want is the truth. Queen of hearts,
but you are the deceiver with a lying tongue and matching
lips. My heart thirsts for vengeance but my father
has taught me forgiveness.
If I had not decided to follow Him,
I'd devour you like a lion,
leaving your bones out to dry.
I'd put you through the same hell you put me through,
pouring out conspiracies and lies,
but this world will remember me for all that I've done
and all that I'll be. The victim in me is dead.
I am reborn. So even though you call me self-righteous
and call my beloved treacherous,
there is one thing to take away.
Leveler, make level the road for the righteous.
i forgive you, queen of hearts,
for through me, He will show you true love.

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