You Got Me - Avant

Just like Eve done to Adam (you got me)
Temptation so strong I don't wanna even (you got me)
I'm in quick sand with cement shoes (you got me)
And like Lucille I'm singing the blues (you got me)

Girl your my water
Like my money
Your my suga
You got me

Girl your love flows through me
And I can't keep my hands off you
Girl you taste so damn sweet (yes you do... you got me)

See you are the reason that I haven't turned my TV on (you got me)
And you are the reason that I don't listen to love songs (you got me)
And you are the reason that I haven't ate in days (you got me)
And you will be the reason that this man will fade away (you got me)
Don't you know don't you know
I'm sitting around like a bump on a log
Dragging my feet waiting for your call
Mama called me about a quarter to nine (can't answer)
Didn't answer the call don't wanna block my life


There's a reason why I'm feeling this way about you girl
You got me going crazy
Now you just don't understand

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