Are You A Ghost - B*Witched

Verse 1
Its 2 In The Morning
I'll Tell You Why I'm Awake
There It Goes That Creepy Feeling Again
Round In My Head
Ooh Again Here In My Head

Verse 2
Here In The Darkness
Oh Theres So Many Shades
Shadows Burn Like Faded Flames
And Die Into The Night
Ooh And Fly Up So High Ooh

Are You A Ghost
Or Are You Alive Ooh Ooh
Would You Be Here For Me Now
Or Are You For Real
Just Give Me A Sign And I'll Know Sigh

Verse 2
Cool Wind Is Blowing
Fingers Through Hair
Standing In An Empty Room Alone
It Feels Like You're There


Middle 8
I'll Tell You What I Know
I'll Tell You How I Feel

Chorus X2

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