Castles In The Air - B*Witched

Verse 1
Here My Head Up In The Clouds
I Feel Uh Ho I'm Spinning Around
Dreams Will Come And Go
But This Is Here To Stay
So Forever This Way

Hold Me Now Hold Me Now
I Pray

So Here We Are At The Start Of This Road
Together Building Castles In The Air
Words We Don't Need Without You I Don't Breathe
Forever Building Castles In The Air

Verse 2
So Softly Like A Sigh
Sea Where The White Horses Ride
It All Seems So Real
A Feeling Deep Inside
So Our Time Will Go On


Middle 8
He Yi Oh He Yi Ay He Yi Oh
Wo Wo Oh Ho Uh
Wo Wo Wo
Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh


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