If It Don't Fit - B*Witched

If It Don't Fit Don't Wear It
Oh You Gotta Be Comfortable
And I Swear Hold Steady
Don't You Think You're Bigger Than Me
If It Don't Fit Don't Wear It
Ooh You Know Your Replaceable If It Don't Fit
And I Swear Hold Steady And I Swear
Don't Think You're Bigger Than Me

Verse 1
Don't Wear That Shirt
Cause You Know It Drives Me Insane
I Go For Colours And You Go For Plain Maybe
Mirror Mirror Just Tell Him What You See
He Got And Ego Can't You Make It Disappear

How On Earth Oh Don't You Know
I Thought You Figured It Out Before
You Know You Really Gotta
Open Eyes And Visualise
You're Wearing A Hat Too Big For


Verse 2
The Way You're Chewing You're Gum
It Wrecks My Head
Why Don't You Bite On These Words
That I'm Saying Baby
Tv Tv We Watch It All The Time
Whatever Happened To The Roses And Wine And Dine



Middle 8
You're Diggin Me Now You're Diggin My Advice
You Never Make Decisions
And You Never Think Twice
You Diggin What I Say
You Didn't Wanna Know
Always Complaining Like Before
Always Complaining Like Before


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