It Was Our Day - B*Witched

Verse 1
8 O'clock On The Morning You Left
The Day Was Dark I Sat In My Room
They Walked In And Told Me That You'd Gone
That Moment On I Knew I'd Be Your Angel
Knew You'd Be Our Angel

Verse 2
That Day I Spent Was The Hardest Day Ever
Tryiing To Paint A Picture For You
Before My Eyes
There's So Many Colours
Just For Today They All Seem Blue

Heaven Heaven Was Calling You
Heaven Heaven Needed You

We'll Join Our Hands Again Someday
Wel'll Join Our Hands
We'll Trade Kisses Before Night Night
And Talk Of Time We Had
We'll Be Together Oh Someday We'll Be Together
And Watch Over The Stars At Night Night
And Laugh At The Fun We Had
It Was Our Day
Oh Yeah

Verse 3
I'll Lay A Rose Beside You Forever
And Light A Candle To Remind Me Of You
Here In My Heart
You'll Be On My Journey
Wherever I Go Whatever I Do



Oh Our Day

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