Don't Test Me - Baby Cham

Dont Play wid people,
we dont play wid people
Dem make mi nuh sleep...

You shouldn't cross de line, when you see me on the grind
Mess you up and nobody nuh know a who who commit di crime
Shotta nuh fire nine, 38 deh back a time
We buss di thing weh move move yu face and leave yu brain behind
Mi never come fi lyme. Im here for every dime
So i will mess up anyone who try to stop ma shine
When yu see me a climb, go up da money vine
Nuh interfere or will get your body realign
Yu never know that i'm really di mastermind, Im here to change di game and mash it with some clever rhyme
Ah su di ting design, su dem a b_tch and a wine
Back dem up and lef' dem like porcupine

Dont test me, test me, test me
You dont know me
Dont test me, test me, test me
Dont play wit ma money (yow)

Nuh boynuh bother me, we nuh 'fraid a wanna be
Wi nuh like police, but informers a wi enemies
Send dem a cemetery run weh any man weh pre
Like dem alone fi get a shake off a di money tree
Wi in di club a spree, everyone a drink for free.
Everybody nice cause wi just move a couple key
Snitches go cop a plea, I nuh inna da su me
Buss it up cause wi nuh owe nobody no apology
Shottas dont live to see 42 & 43
But before me dead I have to tek care of mi family
Di fassy dem a flee, when dem see di colony
Dem think a me alone, dem never know enough a we


Boy you know you dont want this
Its not a game you cant taunt dis
You know we armed and wont miss
Keep on yappin we can keep dem things poppin

Tell dem shotta nuh play back up, when dem si de K
Run and hid for cover when dem hear de richochet
Go check ma resume n_ggas call me one a day
Man a tell mi sorry and mi out it pon him anyway
Su if you disobey it's best you never stay
Cause when wi hold you wi ago leave you in disarray
It's all about di pay, holiday in San Jose
Have lunch in California, then we flay to Monterey
See what im tryna say is we might be nice today
But you could mess around and find yu body in decay
So never ever stray, before you go to bed you pray
A we run Kingston to Montego Bay!!!!


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