Wah Den a She Now - Baby Cham

Unu know how we stay
So When unu see badman dont disobey
This is very dangerous...
Its about to get dangerous...(hahaha)

A guy diss true him strap the other day, Weh dem a seh now when dem see di AK? A send threat like dem want wi run away, Weh dem a seh now when dem see di AK? Dem badmind a suh di fassy dem say (but) Weh dem a seh now when dem see di AK?
Seh dem a shotta and dem think wi did a play, but Weh dem a seh now when dem see di AK?

Last week Sunday mi deh pon di base, him come pon di corner a hold him waist, him see mi an a pass him place, before mi say eh, the boy push machine inna a mi face! See him pull up di road a sit down pon a chair, So mi and mi collegues dem walk guh up there, when him see mi wid di ting inna the air. Yo mi coulda see it inna him face seh him see him waa disappear... (Mi Seh)


The otha day mi and mi frien dem up di road a shot pool, An a argument develop wit me and a likkle fool! Him tell mi bout mi mother and a reach fi him tool, Mi nearly lost me temper but mi fren dem say cool, me say everyting nice my yute you a rule, But mi still nah feget su mi a plan fi de duel, Caa him beat me up already when we inna high school, Now mi stand up over him a watch di fassyhole a drool! (Mi seh)


Imagine if you and yu gal inna the club and a mon look straigh inna ya face and grab her bottom, Yo if him have him crew is only you, mek him think se win , but listen to the plan, Trail him for a and learn him progarm, everywhere him frequent and where him come from. Then late one night when him a leave a session, yuh wait til him go inna a van, and say Yo mon!!!


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