Sold out - Bellefire

Hitched a ride to central station
Revelation in my head
Ditched the pride, ditched the label
But the fire isn't dead
Never really had it easy
But I wouldn't change a thing
I don't get what you're about
Coz you are

So sold out
You're just one blank empty page
Now you've got...
No way out
Walked yourself into a cage
It's individuality
When you work it out get back to me
So sold out, you're all the same, all the same

This shallow world we live in
Is hollow to the core
I'm in your face, I'm out of place
Or maybe I am bored
Throw another punch at me
And I'll take it on the chin
I'll flaunt the bruises you deal out

Floating on an egotrip
You'll lose your grip real soon
Karma has a funny way
Of coming back to you

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