Mathematic - Benjamin Clementine

Silly boy, don't you know that young girl was going to leave
She would have not even stayed even if you two might have meant to be
Don't you bother calling that lady
Or she will tell you what she really needed
Sighting ain't all about the chemistry
But mathematics, mathematics

Simply add 1 to 1 and it will be 2
And so subtract one from two and you are left with you

Now if a ship gets stuck at the north pole
That doesn't mean it's about to join her sister the Titanic
So swallow your pride, won't you feel some guilt?
If you want to cry go ahead, don't you panic
For all we know, tomorrow surely is another day
Come on now, won't you give yourself a break and start all over again
Think mathematics
Think mathematics

Just add 1 to 1 and it will be 2
Then subtract 1 from 2 and you will be left with you now

Left with you now
Only you now
With a little bit of feelings
Subtract you now
From the two now
Only left with you now
And a little bit of feelings

You are a number
Just a number
Added to her past lovers

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