Free - Beth Nielsen Chapman

(Beth Nielsen Chapman/Annie Roboff)

I had it tough when I was just a little kid
It didn't matter what I thought it didn't matter what I did
I felt the doubt for what I lacked right from the start
It did a number on my head but it could never touch my heart

Cause I had just enough imagination
Just enough to keep the faith
That somehow I would think of what to do
When I'd get lost in a momentary weakness of emotion
All the angels came along to help me through

Life pulls fast changes
Wind blows past pages
All I see is, I don't need this
Highstrung tight rope walks
Ticking time bomb clocks
Scratch my name off, cut these chains

I'm free...Kicking out of that prison
I'm free...Singing those words of wisdom
Let it be...Nobody's gonna put the blues inside of me..

And in the stress to be the best I've done it all
I've slammed the doors I've jammed the locks
Laid the bricks, I've built the walls
No one could tell me back then why joy eluded me
Kept bumping into that misery locked up deep down inside of me

Took that rage and I
Turned that page and I
Packed my tools, went back to school
And I've passed my graduation
I hold my Ph. D. in crash test blues
I've paid those dues

I'm free...
Repeat Chorus

Time flied by in photographs
And paper scraps and songs
Here I stand in ruby slippers
Three taps takes me home...I'm free...

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