All The Same - Big Daddy Weave

There's an old man sitting on a lonely park bench
He doesn't have a place to stay
And there's a woman who's living all by herself now
Since her husband left one day

Seems like we're all just pawns
In a game that has no rules
And I keep wondering, am I the biggest fool

There's an unborn child who never had a chance
Since convenience took its toll
And there's a guy who lost his house and wife and kids
Since the bottle took control

It just goes on and on
Who knows when it will end
And I can't stop thinking

Is it all the same? 'Cause nothing ever changes, oh
Under the sun I can't seem to find what I need, oh
You know it's all the same
Because they're only different faces, oh
Under the sun I can't seem to find any peace

There was a man who came and lived a perfect life
He came to give it all away
And the people clung to every word He said
Oh, until that final day

And then they nailed Him to a bloody tree
And He hung and bled
And died there just for me

He was not the same
Because He gave his life so freely, oh
He was God's Son

But as my world was spinning 'round
I saw His grace as it came down
To dwell within to make a change
Oh thank You Lord, I'm not the same

And now I'm not the same
Because the love He gives has changed me, oh
Now I walk in peace inside, oh
You know I'm not the same because
He placed His life within me, oh
Without a doubt I know I'm free, yeah, I am free
I am free, I am free, I am free

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