Big - Big Tymers

You know
Do it big n_gga
If you don't do nothing do it big, f_ck it
Ain't like your stupid ass gonna live twice
Ball like a dawg, n_gga f_ck it
If you doin it small do it big, know what I'm sayin'
Hey Fresh, what's happenin' with you partna

{Manny Fresh}
Big stars, Big cars
Big shows, Big hoes, Big drawers
Big drama with baby mammas
Get a wheels, pay her bills, Big Tymin
Big titties, Big cities
Dike b_tches that love eatin' kitties

Big whips with Big clips
Big everything round here, Big d_cks
Real n_ggas, Big n_ggas
F_ck with us, man, we kill n_ggas
Big rocks, cooking pods
Crack in a hustla, don't stop

{Manny Fresh}
Big screens, we fiends
F_ck it, five NFL teams
Big pieces, Big caprices
F_ck cousins and even nieces
Big bank, Big rank
A lot of vodka, Big drinks

Big pimpin', with no sippin'
Hard on hoes, so b_tch keep limpin'
Big trucks, with Big guts
Chromed pipes, we carry Big nuts
Big shows, car shows
I'll be there on the winter, fo sho

{Manny Fresh}
Big seats, Big trucks
Gotta have space for Big nuts
Big love, on dubs
My sh_t - - - - -
Big gut, so what
(she ain't a dime b_tch)
I don't really give a f_ck

This is for all my n_ggas
We gon' ride uptown on this one
Big G in a capri
Mac in a clip and sittin' on a C
Big me, Big Seato, Big Elton, Big Tanto
We running streets
Big whop, with Big glocks
B_tch ass fillin' Clarol don't stop

{Manny Fresh}
This week, Big freak
Can't talk cause she gots splash on her teeth
Big rims, Big rubbers
Big d_cks, Big chicks, my lovers
Big hot, You're not

Big flakes, with Big capes
F_ck it, f_ck a police chase
I'm Big Tymin
Big lines
Number 1 stunna daddy it's my time
Big chips, Big dips
I ain't gonna lie the b_tch got Big lips

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