Broads - Big Tymers

See these broads, I like'em and sh_t
Wish I could, give all these hoes a picturemy d_ck
See I like'em and psyche'em, then I get in the win
I might just need you and leave you at a quarter past 10 but
I ain't gon' lie, yo' p_ssy was good
But your mouth is better so I wish you would
Workin' your way down to the Diz-nick, uh huh
It feels so good when you do the liz-nick
You got doin' push-ups and I'm takin' ginseng
LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE! In the middle of the ring
you got my d_ck hard like a '57 Chevy
Rocked up, ya cocked up, cause I'm ready
To go up in ya, let that other n_gga send ya
Cards and sh_t while you s_ckin' my d_ck
I like you a little bit more than I'm diggin' my shirt
Ya little pretty ass d_ck s_ckin' expert, BEEYOCH

See i love these broads, but I toss'em up quick
Every trick that I get, they get flipped through the clique 2x

These broads, n_gga, I wsh that I could love'em all
These broads, n_gga, I wsh that I could f_ck'em all
These broads, I let these hoes just drive my car
But these hoes know one thing that I'm a superstar
These hoes get out of line, I'ma show'em I'ma hog
And now that I'm rich, I show these hoes they ain't sh_t
And every hoe I f_ck with, I make s_ck my d_ck
It ain't no secret, I know these hoes bout my money, sh_t
But i tell a hoe quick, that she ain't sh_t
My main hoe player, I don't make her s_ck my d_ck
I might just get loose and wanna kiss my b_tch
But not that I got a daughter, I'm supposed to be lighter on a b_tch
But I'm gon' be hard on these hoes for life, sh_t
I'ma true U-P-T player for life, sh_t
But I'ma say it again, I don't love no b_tches
I bout my money, n_gga and f_ckin' these b_tches

Now I had been here for 25 years
I understand one thing, that life is a b_tch
I done lost my maw and my paw, my brother and my sister all up in one year
I understand one thing, I gotta ball 'til I fall
And show these hoes that money ain't no thing, dawg
See, I tell a b_tch that she ain't sh_t
And at the same time ask that hoe to s_ck my d_ck
See, I don't take money and mix with no b_tch
Cause one thing, these hoes would lose they mind and get lost quick
It ain't no secret, I make these hoes think I'll pay their sh_t
But I keep it real and pay my n_gga sh_t
I say f_ck a hoe and make these hoes back up
I keep it real and f_ck with n_ggas who'll act up
And kick in yo' front door, yo' hoe told my n_gga where your dope
Now you stuck out like a hoe
And my n_ggas, done hit a lick from yo' b_tch
And all you hoes mad cause we done hit yo' sh_t

{Chorus 2x and talk til end}

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