My Life - Big Tymers feat Hot Boys

I done teached and talked
Walked away and fought
Went from cussin and bustin
Hustle from day to dark
Turned nothin to somethin
Introduced to stunnin
In my life In my life
I done caused some hurt
And I done did some good
Said I can't even when I could
I was stopped and tested fingerprinted and arrested
In my life In my life
Just say no when I really meant yes
I'm gon smoke all night til it hurt my chest
Slim told me over the years that sh_t gon tear up careers
In yo life In yo life
What'chu gon do when snakes come to yo crew
I'm a get on my knees and ask the Lord please
Separate good from fake and the love and the hate
In my life In my life

I mean f_ck I done had a rough life you know what I'm sayin
B.G. lived that thug life
I done done it all in my life
I done done time
I done lived in group homes
I been on the third floor of hospitals
I mean it's just been a stuggle for me
But now I'm on top you know what I'm sayin
And it ain't to turnin back
And I take chances in whatever I do
Cuz if I don't take chances I don't see the life after all

The night in the Rover
When the n_ggas came over
You went out like a soldier
And I still can't get over
What fake b_tches done done
Got me clutchin my gun
In this life In this life
I used to wonder why
All the good n_ggas die
Why some soldier gotta suffer
And mothers gotta cry
Why my daddie gotta lie
Cuz he don't even try to be
In my life In my life
Take care of your crib
Where you lay down and live
Forget and forgive cuz you done put it through some sh_t
Had yo daughter and yo son
Been down since day one
In yo life In yo life
What the f_ck is wrong you don't understand this song
Tell yo momma you love her before she dead and gone
N_gga that don't quit that's some real ass sh_t
In this life In this life

Man I mean me Juvenile drugs tore my family up
I'm from the projects so you know I just realized
What it means to be successful
Cuz I been through all kinds of sh_t man bullsh_t
And I live through Baby, Slim and the Lord to help me
And I came to them as a real n_gga
And I said look dog I'm tired of livin like this man

I had pounds of coke
I had money to blow
I had a felony charge
I had to fight in the court
I had warrant reports
Shot up cars before
In my life My life
I got kids to feed
I got n_ggas to watch
I need a hundred mil
I need to get off the block
Wear soldier Rees
In the gamblin spot
In my life My life
I could cook it and cut it
I could bag it and move it
I could toat in the budget
Got money to prove it
I done flood the public
Hope Beatrice'll do it
In my life My life
Now my name is Baby
But the call me Bubba
Ain't a b_tch that I know that can say that I love her
Gettin p_ssy from a boss b_tch wearin a rubber
In my life My life
Let me stunt and shine
Let me bling and floss
Let me ride without the law always searchin my car
I just wanna chill f_ck b_tches and play
In my life My life
Hoes cry in my world give me that Baby sh_t
Goin to the people knowin that they made me and sh_t
You just don't know what I go through
In my life My life
I got Bentlys and Jags got Prowlers and Vets
Got Benjamins, Hummers, Cadillacs and vests
Condos and houses Cardiers and Rovers
In my life My life
I got cars and broads with money to make
I got that brown wall and that white gate
Got b_tches and hoes love that platinum and gold
In my life My life

Beautiful Baby what's happenin
This Lil Turk you heard me
One of the Original Hot Boys
I done did it all you heard me
From runnin through cuts and hallways
Runnin through projects bustin heads
Yeah that's that lil n_gga Turk
Young and Thuggin you heard me
I know you gonna let me do what I do
Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful you heard me
We on top now n_gga no longer livin that trife-life
you heard me
Respect and a check we ain't doin nothin but poppin
bottles and f_ckin hoes
You heard me, makin money that's all n_gga Uh-huh

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