My People - Big Tymers

To all my peoples, to all my peoples
To all my peoples, yeeeaaahhh
Together we stand and divided we fall
If n_ggas get together then we all can ball
Live as one in the project and bump the sound
And eat chicken til the motherf_ckin sun come down
We be lickin to the motherf_ckin sun go down
Keep stickin to the motherf_ckin sun go down
Get dough, and never go down
Never go down, never go down

{Baby (First line overlaps hook)}
Look look look
I say n_ggas stroke crosses to knock these bosses
We can ball together make money take loses
You know the game you gotta pay these cost-es
You win some lose some n_gga regardless
Hang on the corner sell crack with straps
Or we can go to the club like pimps and macks
Or we can unite for stripes or just say f_ck it
You get down bad bust raps for life
It don't matter to me daddy, you do what you do
I'd 'ave took pennitentary ?transit? to get this fool
See Im'a flip this money take it to the mall
And open up something and get more money
Like the beauty shop, keeps macs when Im thuggin
Hanging on the block watching for undercovers
Clean a little money, then clean a little money
The rap game ain't for everybody but try something

{Hook 2x}

{Mannie Fresh (First line overlaps hook)}
See see see, check it out
My people need to get it right
We can either get together or we can straight up fight
We can shake hands or we can go to the gun
Divided we fall or we can live as one
You can f_ck wit' it or you can leave it alone
And if you don't want piece bring ya jive ass home
And I heard the fake sh_t that you said in ya song
And I still love the n_gga eventhough he was wrong
See, XXL will let you have the cover
If you say some fake sh_t about ya brother
Thats a petty-ass, spagetti-ass, fake-ass n_ggas
You don't know whats going on snake-ass n_ggas
But I'm.. not.. stoppin for y'all
Four 15's keep it knockin for y'all
If that don't work then n_gga move on
Get the f_ck good luck and I'm glad that you gone


Go down, go down, go down

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