No Love - Big Tymers

[Chorus X2 (Jazze Pha & Mannie Fresh)]
[Jazze Pha]
Its a beatiful life, colourful ice, flyest of hoes, spending the night,
[Mannie singing off key]
[Jazze Pha]
I'm a Tymer baby, all my sh_t be designer baby, Its a beatiful life !

[Verse 1 (Mannie Fresh)]
I roll through your city they go who is that,
In a brand new Baby Blue Cadillac,
Truck two days old, with remote controls,
Press the mutha f_ckin' b_tton and the TV's fold,
Out the top of the dash, shaking they ass,
Tuck a lil' something and I show her some cash,
I'm Mannie Fresh hoe, represent the "S",
Cash Money Records n_gga nothing but the best,
Got a monster truck, sitting on 30's,
F_ck the rap game cuz I still push birdies,
I'm hood rich b_tch, you know who I are,
They don't want to f_ck me they want to f_ck my car,
Now wait a minute hold up mane get it straight,
Ya dude push pebbles birdman push weight,
And its so incredible the things he does,
Take a project b_tch from where she was,
Clean her life up, wife her just because,
We some mutha f_ckin' pimps you b_tch,

[Chorus X2]

[Verse 2 (Baby)]
Blastin' rounds when we moving these pounds,
Counting cash out a shoebox, we getting it down,
I'm holding my town, like a n_gga on a mound,
Or a crab out the bucket when me moving around
I'm strong in the hood, steering wheel all wood,
In the back of the lac the n_gga played all good,
I'm on my grizzy my nizzy to get this brand new crib,
Behind this money its gon' be a f_cking killin'
I'm moving around uptown this how its going down,
I'm coming thru the hood for a billi killin b_tch,
Money is a must, hanging out at the club with hoes on motorbikes my n_gga,
That ghetto life, with these calls and brawls it ain't no love in my eyesight n_gga
A million in cash in the back of the dash and I'm the OG driving my n_gga,

[Chorus X2]

[Verse 3 (Mannie Fresh & Baby)]
[Mannie Fresh]
Yeah, got my root beer d_ckies on,
With my mutha f_ckin' diamond studded cell phone,
I got cars to match these clothes, with some ignorant ass banged out project hoes,
I'm dope boy fresh, I mean that b_tch,
Thats gators on my waiter when he serving that sh_t,
And I'm coming thru your hood, disrespecting y'all,
Bass turned up loud knocking pictures off the wall,
I'm riding gangsta in a green mercedes,
throwing spinach out the window mannie fresh and Baby,
Icey whips with the gun on my hip,
Bootin' up at you b_tches like "f_ck y'all haters" (f_ck y'all haters)
So get straight or get this gun in your face,
And f_ck around and be a whole nother killing,
In the sky blue bentley, 23's they spinnin,
Big Money Heavyweight and we gettin'

[Chorus X2]

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