Makin' My Way (Any Way That I Can) - Billie Piper

(Nothin's gonna stop me this time)
(Nothin's gonna stop me this time)

(Nothin's gonna stop me this time)

* Been on the loosing side, this time I'll turn the tide
This time I won't give up, no baby
This time I'm in control, I want the whole world to know
Aint nothing to slow me down this time
This weird faith is on my side and I've giving all I've got
Yeah, baby count every step straight to the top

** And if the river's too wide, I'll get through it
And if the mountain's too high, that won't stop the stream of mine
I'm on my way, I've got a plan
I'm making my way any way that I can

So many times I've played in someone else's game
This time the game is changed, oh baby
This time I make the rules, I won't be nobody's fool
Aint no one can hold me down this time
This one's gonna be mine
There's a brand new strength I've found
Aint looking back aint backing up

[Repeat ** , **]

This time around, I'll stand my ground
I'll live my dream I realize the power lays deep in me
(Nothing's gonna stop me this time. I'm on my way)

[Repeat * , ** , **]

(I'm on my way) I'll get through it
(I'm on my way)
(I'm on my way) Stop this stream of mine
(I'm on my way) I've got a plan
(I'm on my way) Baby I can

(I'm on my way) ... till fade

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