I'm Too Lazy - Blacker

I wanna run down the street
Stamp on you're feet
Move to the beat
But I'm too lazy........Oh!!!

I wanna drink loadsa beer
Talk to you next year
Everything is deer
And I'm too lazy.......Oh!!

I wanna go to the prom
Talk to my mom
We're gonna go now, c'mon
We're too lazy.........Oh!!

I'm gonna throw food at the table
I'll do it cuz I'm able
Because I'm not disabled
Oh, I'm too lazy

I'll put my food on my belly
Sit down and whatch the telly
Gonna eat loadsa jelly
Cuz I'm too lazy

I'm not crazy, I'm just lazy
Everythings Hazy although I'm not crazy
All thats wrong with me is just
I'm too lazy!!!!!
(repeat till fade)

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