Thank You for Calling, Now Please Hang Up - Blacker

I got a mobile
Now I'm really cool
I got a mobile
Now I'm not a fool
Cuz I got a mobile...

I ring my friends
Although I have none
And I'll text my friends
If I had one.....

I rang you're phone
Cuz I thought you were alone and

The woman in the phone aint sympathetic
She talks in a weird tone its so pathetic
She says "thank you for calling, now please hang up"

Its a nokia
Its top of the range
No i won't winge
Like I do...............

My imaginary friends
We text all night
Til our phones burn out
And then we have none

I rang you again
At half past ten but


Ring Ring................

"Hi whos this" Says me
"It's me" says you
"I'm ringin' you
You wanna go out friday night?"
"Do I heck? I answers you
I pretty much think I might"
Oh yeah!!

this time the b_tch in the phone
Is out on a date with a saxophone

Yeah, thank heavens for mobiles X2

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