She's Good Lookin' - Blacker

One day I saw a hot momma
I stood and stared and said "Shomra"!!!!!!!
Her long brown hair
Fallin here to there
And me standin' and starin

She's good lookin'
And I'll keep bookin'
I need the right girl for me
Now don't get me wrong
I'm singin this song
To pass from me to thee
(she's nice!)

Oh man she had good looks
And all this time i was readin my books
She had no spots
You see
And she was,
Lookin at me
Ohhhh There's my chance


When will I get a life
When will I get stabbed with a knife
The wan is is 15 years older than me
But still I wanna go out, y' see
Ohhhhh 3-2-1 Lets do it!! (Hell yeah!)

She's good lookin'
She's good lookin'
(Call me crazy)
She's good lookin'
She's good lookin'
(I don't care)
She's so damn good lookin'!!!

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