Wishes Don't Come True - Blacker

Ok whats this?
A little note...
Hey, I've got 10 wishes

With one wish I'd wish for ?10000000
I'll buy you a house
Wait a sec...
Nah, I'll get one for my mom (poor dear)
Go buy one yourself
I think I'll buy a porche
Cos It's kinda groovey
And it goes pretty fast (ooooh)
It's a BMW
But I want a RGT
I dunno what that is
But it sounds quite cool
I'd wish for a lifetime supply of- what?
Smarties, Bulmers, Pringles and Tea?
I think I'll go for the last one
I'd like a nice pint of Lager

Oh what fun
A good few wishes
Motorcars, Money bags, DVDs
what wishes can bring!

With another wish,
Will bring me luck
With career, With money, With life!!
Another wish, Another wish
I can't think...
Hey! Where's me Leg?
It's running away! It's running away!
I gotta go get it!
But I'm too lazy
So I'll wish for another one
I'll wish for courage
So I can get more tattoos
But not be a goth
How many wishes do I have left?
I can't be arsed counting
So....Ahh I dunno


I love wishessssssssssss...... Yeah!! X 3


I just woke up
Ahh crap, I was dreaming
I should of known....
Wishes don't come true.............

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