22 (over S∞∞N) - Bon Iver

[Verse 1]
(It might be over soon, two two)
Where you gonna look for confirmation?
And if it's ever gonna happen
So as I'm standing at the station
It might be over soon

[Verse 2]
(All these years)
There I found you marked in constellation (two, two)
There isn't ceiling in our garden
And then I draw an ear on you
So I can speak into the silence
It might be over soon (two, do, two)
(It might be over soon) two, two
[Verse 3]
(And I'm gonna shout all my trouble over)
Oh and I have carried consecration
And then You expelled all decision
As I may stand up with a vision
(Caught daylight, goddamn right)
Within a rise there lies a scission
(It might be over soon)

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