Beth/Rest - Bon Iver

Errant heat to the star
And the rain let in
The hawser rolls
The vessel's whole
And Christ, it's thin

Well, I'd know that you'd offer
Would reveal it, though it's soft and flat
Won't repeat it, cull and coffer's that
For the soffit, hang this homeward
Pry it open with your love
Sending lost and alone standing offers

It is steep / it is stone
Such recovery
From the daily press
The deepest nest
In keeper's keep

All the news at the door
Such a revelry
Well, it's hocked inside
Of everything
You said to me

It was found what we orphaned
Didn't mention it, would serve us picked
Said your love is known, I'm standing up on it
Aren't we married?
I ain't living in the dark no more
It's not a promise, I'm just gonna call it

Heavy mitted love
Our love is a star
Sure some hazardry
For the light before
And after most indefinitely

Danger has been stole away

This is axiom

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