Anyone Who Knows What Love is - Boyz II Men feat Amber Riley


[Wanya Morris:]
You can blame me
Try to shame me
And still I'll care for you
You can run around
And even put me down
Still I'll be there for you

The world
May think I'm foolish
But they can't see you like I can
Oh, but anyone
Who knows what love is
Will understand

Anyone (Anyone)
Anyone (Anyone)

[Amber Riley:]
I just feel so sorry (anyone)
For the ones who pity me
(Anyone) 'Cause they just don't know
(Anyone) No, they don't what happiness and true love can be

I know to ever let you go
Oh, it's more than I, than I could ever stand
Oh, but anyone who knows what love is, honey
Will understand
Oh, they don't understand

[Wanya Morris (Amber Riley):]
I understand, and I believe
(They may think I'm foolish, baby)
(They don't understand, no)
I don't think they hear us, baby
(They don't hear us, baby)
(They don't know about our love, no, no)
(Not a better love)

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