Benefit of a Fool - Boyz II Men

Tell me what, what about this woman makes me wanna do right
Wanna switch it up and stay with her the whole night
I don't know what it is but it feels so right
No i know is .. try derange myself one more lie
But one no way i was in this .. pass me by
Now i know what it is, it is just my pride

When his love , when the love
Benefit of a fool, benefit of a fool
I got nothing to lose, nothing to lose
But everything is true to you
Now i know, now i know
I know what i gotta do, i know what i gotta do
Just stop lying to you, just stop lying to you
And just tell you the truth
'cause when his love benefit of a fool.

..yeah you know you shouldn't be an angel
(you know you shouldn't be an angel)
, me nice
Girl you look good for every angel (you look good for every angel)
Now i see, now i see
girl all this time you've been waiting on me
And i know i don't deserve all this ..
From your love but you never leave
No no no


..come ..
I'll be ..if ever it
Don't .. no you didn't change me ..
Gave you the plane sayin me yeah ooh


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