Perfect Love Song - Boyz II Men

I've been thinking of you
And I've been trying to figure out
What you remind me of
Cause you are nothing like I've ever known

Are you an angel
Sent to me...feeling so unreal
Must be heavenly, it's a mystery
And it hit me, that you remind me of the perfect words

The perfect words written by your favorite singer
The type of song that you turn into a ring tone
I get this feeling every time I think of you
And I know now, you're the perfect love song

Ronald Isley, Babyface, Jodeci and Marvin Gaye
Made melodies that can't be replaced
But'r the perfect love song

Joe, R. Kelly, Mary J, Faith, Mariah and Sade
Made the whole world sing many times, many ways
But you are
You're the perfect love song

Your voice is soothing to me
Like the strings of a guitar
It takes me right back to the beginning
And I fall in love all over

You never, never ask for nothing
That's why I wanna give you everything
That's why I sing the joy you bring
It's worth more than the perfect words


Every time I'm with you
I get inspired to be a better man
Your love is timeless, it lasts forever
Like the perfect love song


Usher, Brandy and Beyonce
Voices sound so heavenly
Made the whole world sing
Many times, many ways
But you are the perfect love song

[CHORUS 1 and 2]

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