Hold Me In Your Arms (And Let Me Fall) - Brad Paisley

(Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois/Kelley Lovelace)

Hold me in your arms just see how it feels
Don't make me wait forever just because you know I will
Don't leave me hangin', wishin', waitin', hopin' that you'll call
Darlin' hold me in your arms and let me fall

You've got reservations, well darlin' so do I
But mine are at a restaurant six-thirty Friday night
I swear you won't regret it if you agree to go
Just do me one small favor before you tell me no

Repeat chorus

When you go out shopping you try on brand new clothes
To see if something fits or not there's just one way to know
Why's it any different when someone asks you out
You might as well just try me on before you turn me down

Repeat chorus

Yeah darlin' hold me in your arms and let me fall

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