Not As In Love - Brad Paisley

Written by Brad Paisley & Chely Wright
Duet with Chely Wright

I've seen "Sleepless In Seattle" way too many times
And I guess my expectations might seem a little high
I know they're just actors on a screen
I look at them, then look at us and see
What we have ain't gonna be enough for me

I want the earth to move, I want bells to ring
When he walks in the room, I wanna hear angels sing
It's not a bad situation I'm in right now you see
I'm just not as in love as I'd like to be
No I'm not as in love as I'd like to be

I can see a red flag wavin' when I'd rather be alone
When I know it's him callin' and still I don't pick up the phone
Oh I know there's a love here that's a fact
But he loves me more than I could ever love him back
I've been tryin' but I just can't live like that


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