Quick to Back Down - Bravehearts

[Lil Jon]
That boy Nas!
Me I'm your boy Lil Jon
Right now we going to talk about these n_ggas!
That's got a lot of mouth, what!
But when It's time to do some sh_t
They folding, these n_ggas is folding and sh_t
Know What I'm talking bout, like paper

[Chorus: Nas + Lil Jon]
[N] I know your type I know your kind ya
[L] Quick to back down
[N] You be leaving when there's drama
[L] Quick to back down
[N] F_cking fake ass n_gga
[L] Quick to back down
[N] Soft and cornflake n_gga ya
[L] Quick to back down
[N] You ya whole crew ya
[L] Quick to back down
[N] Ya'll don't want none of this ya
[L] Quick to back down
[N] And I hate ya'll n_ggas ya
[L] Quick to back down
[N] Soft and cornflake n_gga ya

First of all this is Nas I'ma Braveheart veteran
And y'all already know who I'm better than
Yall know the beef in the hood it'll never end
Never hit the club unless I get's my berretta in
The letter N, short for Nasir
More drama than the President with North Korea
Gettin Krunk wit Lil Jon, he da livest in the south
F_ck around and you get wires in your mouth
Cowards I despise and my power keeps on risin
N_ggas try to hate me but they keep recognizin
Who's the next label I'ma bury
CEO's, rappers and A&R's go to the rap cemetary
And ya all got guns but ya scared to use 'em
Six million ways to die, n_gga choose one
I'm a Braveheart I'll be right here
Y'all talk sh_t but I smell fear, motherf_cker!


Ay yo, all these n_ggas they afraid of the Bravehearts
I'll take a razor open your face up
I tried to tell these n_ggas we don't play
I run up on you broad day with a A-K
Cornball I can make your heart beat stop
Pop pop your body drop from a couple shots
When you see me in the street, we can handle the beef
If you see me in jail you know you dead meat
I be fighting and stabbin, shooting and laughing
My ratchet blast on top of you bastards
Committing sins in Cincinnati
We'll drive by in all black caddy's
A 21 gun salute
Your last words be, please Jungle don't shoot
P_ssy, I'll put a slug between your eyes
And stand there and watch your punk ass die

I'm f_ckin' wit them, Bravehearts
My n_ggas is coming we just don't stop
Yall n_ggas is running I'm just goin pop
I twist up my gun up and slap your mouth
With Lil John down south
My religion is green motherf_cker too late
Since birth, I'm cursed, the worst motherf_cka in da state
Time and time again you n_ggas back down, laugh now
F_ck ya numbers n_gga ya'll all fake
The hunt is on, f_ck if I'm wrong, test my dead arm
Robbery, heavily armed, might leave him gone
Bang him duff him, actin like he don't know what's going on
Hang em' rush em' get his clown ass his teammates wrong
And oh he got a 22, give him the gauge the brave way
God aint going to save his b_tch ass today
Wait I'ma Braveheart I'll be right here
Y'all talk sh_t but I smell fear, mothaf_ckas!


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