Macedonia Hotel - Bryan Scary

Yeah there was music in the way that you walked
When you walked through the hall by the Stable Gang
They saw you coming and they let down their hair
And were there at your party on Saturday
And they studied the paintings you have on the wall
And all your style
So if you're fresh out of mind and you can't find yourself
Chances are you're taken by the kids of Macedonia Hotel

Yeah there was music in the way that you ran
When they crammed all your stuff in their overcoats
But in your age you found yourself out of breath
While the kids took your pace and your every note
Now there's a gap in the clouds where the sun used to shine
But the sun's lost its spells
"Cause we're fresh out of mind and we can't find ourselves
We'll strip you to the bone and take your skin to Macedonia Hotel!"
Macedonia Hotel, I remember well, how you used to play
In the little hotel by the river
You played by the river, but the river's met the bay

Yeah there was music in the way that you fell
And were trampled upon by a thousand fans
You saw them running to the Global Hotel
With the vacancies taking the promised land
And a mealtime is eating the ones who came before - stirred up well
So if you're lost in the city that can't find itself
Chances are you've rolled into the jaws of Macedonia Hotel

There's no way out!!!

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