Riding The Shadow - Bryan Scary

Old Violet
I mourn for you
Wither we all do
They were so impressed
You rode the wave
In your wedding dress

No sympathy arrows
For yesterday's news
By scraping the barrel
The only life she ever knew
Is wasting away
She bled to the page
"I'm on my own here"

Snaking down her naked eye
She won't believe
In a single line
So she paints a lie
The dye applied
Every other cry

Her lovers abandoned
to dandelion sprees
With no one to stand in
She'll build a wall and plugs the holes
That threaten to leak
The hinges may creak
But still she'll close down

Or she'll show her aroma
And face her physique
A Chestnut Diploma
For the all the exhibitionists on Fade Away street
In reaching the peak
No need to peak down
You'll have time enough to kill in the ground

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