Don't Take It Personal - Cadet feat Ghetts

Stepped in, underrated legend in the place
Thought the energy came from you
Until I touched mic, had the booth rearranged
New school, yeah I'm improved in a way
Way better than them n_ggas that you used to behave
The shotty in a tracksuit like who's brave
Got me walking like I'm using a cane
Ah sh_t, who's this?
Who's tryna get busy with the kid?
Are we really getting fizzy with the fifth?
Sincerely get Lizzie in the bits (Cadet, Cadet)
Billy in the gip
Dumb money, tryna get silly with the chips
Shooting up your Apnas, Karlas, and Kuras
I bet you can't see through the Mist

I'm back on my bullsh_t, Chicago murder spree
If I hit him with the full clip, his soul might end up in purgatory
It's nothing personal so don't take it personally
But I will give a n_gga the whole Bible if he's got one verse for me
Washing machine to these n_ggas, I wash an MC when I spin him
What's an MC to a killer? Like, what's an MC when I kill him?
You don't wanna MC when I'm spitting, it's a serpent's phlegm
Venomous business, earth these man when I'm firing
How they gonna win?
All kinds of elements in this

Mm, yeah I hear you, but I ain't tryna hear none of that
It's my team that's got these youts running back
When these n_ggas quit grime and they ain't coming back
And you had the galdem singing for you, I never had galdem singing for me
But them gal would fistfight for the kid, look I had the galdem swinging for me
Bro, what's your thoughts like?
You can see I've got diamonds in my teeth so don't be surprised every time that I talk right
We've got them tings that would come with a torchlight
They hear one Drake album, now these f_ckboys think they can talk like
That's a newspaper, I'll put your dad on the cover for talking More Life

If I didn't tell him I was coming
Aaliyah would've wrote another four-page letter to his cousin
Press trigger and then press people b_tton (BUCK-I)
You dead, n_gga, mi gone: reaper suh'in (BUCK-I)
Head full, me gwan leave it runnin' (BUCK-I)
Some man a come on like Wayne in Shutters
How you mean?
Max. Done 'I'm
(10. 9. 8.) These are countdown rocket bars
(7. 6. 5.) Sound off beat. I can show you where the pockets are
(4. 3. 2.) You got so much so much potential
(Listen to me) You'll be 'round a long time
(1.) Just paste and copy dawg

Got me buggin'
Know what I'm like when I'm under attack
Everytime a n_gga body something they be buggin'
They be saying I'm the reason that they never commin' back, n_gga wait
Put the whole scene on my back on my ones (Cadet calm down!)
F_ck that I ain't done
They got they' forearm muscles from gym
Man come from whippin' a n_gga with a gun
Ain't one of these new school n_ggas
Uber, Shoreditch and YouTube n_ggas
Rudeboy I come from a dirty jit
I would shoot and move quick the roof off n_ggas
Flip the script quick and hit these n_ggas
Blew your eye quick and crip these n_ggas
Cadet, Cadet
I'm Cadet, Cadet, due to evict these n_ggas
'Ow you mean?

Dead man. Graveyard. Tombstone
Contract killer no loopholes
Monopoly, chess, Cluedo
Man's bored of the games, and you know
Tai-chi, muay thai, judo
F_ck that sh_t, I'm in shoot mode
Rolex, Breitling, Hublot
I'll take man's time on the route home
Mercury. Neptune. Pluto
Give a n_gga some space you're too close
Obese heavyweight sumo used to put food on scales like Bruno
Who's Bruno?
Bruno. From you know
As in Bruno in Danger
Bruno with a Uno

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