The Stereotype - Cadet

Iight, look
I grew up on South of the Thames
So yeah man, I know about a stereotype
A screw face and a gold tooth
Nah mummy, I ain't gonna be those guys
I'm gonna be a lawyer when I'm older
Real sh_t
I'm gonna live a life so nice
But now look at all this gold in my mouth
It's f_cked how I be the stereotype
I never finished college, never went uni
I've sold drugs and my credit's so bad
I cheat too, I kinda like beef
And I've probably been in about six gangs
I like lighties, I like jewellery
And most of my mandem have been jail
Me, I've got girls pregnant that I never loved
So I could have been a baby father as well
I got Gucci belts, I'm Muslim
And I rap like every other black boy up in the country
And I ain't gonna rob nobody, believe me real sh_t
I just think that hoodies are comfy,
I want a sleeved tat, I drink Henny
And most of the p_ssy I get don't bring joy
And if Rick Ross started drinking piss I'd be in the club like 'we pissboys'
I've got no reason for not checking my nan
And when she dies I'm gonna kick myself because
All she really wants is a phone call but I don't do it, I admit I'm a prick myself
See I f_cked around with girl's emotions, been a sl_t, I admit it too
And a bag of times I pay on card, I ain't been too sure if it's going through
And my hairline's f_cked and I can't make friends yeah
That sums me up in some words
And besides that yeah I got my mum
God knows she don't get the love she deserves
And no I ain't been the best son
No excuse that I give is a good enough reason
Phone me just to feel like she's a part of my life or just to see if I'm eating
And yeah it's f_cked how I treat my mum
And them choices I made are dumb
But still she'll stand up in front of a crowd of people and be like 'he's my son'
Mum you carried me for nine months, uh
That's nine months, it took nine months for me to pop out
But I can't find 10 minutes and pop in? It's f_cked, uh
How did I get disrespectful?
How can I drive past the house ten times in a day, and not once go in and check you?
Not ask once if your day's been stressful
You need your son there in a cape to rescue
It's f_cked, I don't have the time to text you but I got time for the girls online that's sexual
And I know them bills are piling up
And you won't admit it but I'm letting you down
And I remember when I got my car I said 'you won't ever have to put your foot on the ground'
I know you got the lines in your fingers
Cause you went and bought bare sh_t that's weighing a bag down
I should at least call a car or cab round, it hurts now I can hear the bus in the background
I'm slacking as a son and I know this
I ain't doing half of the sh_t I'm supposed to
I got a little brother that I never check
I'm meant to go through all the sh_t that you go through
And you are meant to be my queen
And I'm out here treating you like a jester
Bringing you gifts not only in December
But honestly birthdays I can barely remember
And when it comes to money
I'm f_cked, yeah trust me I know
See I hate asking her for money but when I do, iight cool look
This is how it normally goes
'Yo mummy, I need some money', she'll say cool and go to the cashpoint on the road
And take that money that she don't really have
But she loves me way too much to say no
You see I almost cried when I wrote this
Because I picture my mum walking through the door with a fake smile giving me the cash
True say, she loves me way too much to say no
Now I know my need ain't greater
But now I can't say no or another
Cause she says being able to provide for her son is what makes her feel like a mother
And she won't take the money back
So how the f_ck am I meant to feel?
Cause now I got money for bullsh_t
And that means she might have to go skip a meal
And, when I comes to my little brother Dylan I'm slipping
See I never make time with him
But the truth is that boy means everything to me see that boy is my rhythm
The simple sh_t
Yeah my mum would say 'go tell him off cause he ain't done all the dishes'
But I'm thinking like if I ain't been around then why the f_ck would he listen? Sh_t
Look, I've become that stereotypical, that big bro that will buy you all the trainers but won't sit and call
So niggerish for blacks that typical issue, you know
I'll buy you football boots but never find time to kick the ball with you, uh
So now I gotta switch up
I gotta care a little less about getting my d_ck s_cked
Make sure the next time mum's phone rings she ain't gotta ring twice, I'm there before she picks up
Music, look you have to work
And if you don't, then I don't know
Because I'm man enough to tell you now that I don't really wanna go back to the road
You see, them n_ggas rap for a new chain
Don't get it twisted, I wear one but that sh_t will come after all the bills are paid
And I can say 'yo, go get your hair done'
Everyone talks about stereotypes
But no one admits to the stereotypes
So f_ck it, I'll put my hands up
Look on some real sh_t
I be the stereotype, had a wife that was good for me, that I never shoulda let go
I be the stereotype, that n_gga with a nice car, driving it to his mum's house
I be the stereotype, I got an ex named Taneesha and Felicia, real sh_t
I be the stereotype, see my credit's so sh_t I can only get cash cards n_gga
I be the stereotype, that pay taxes but too embarrassed to sign on yeah
I be the stereotype, that spends my last Ps on clothes, look good but broke
I be the stereotype, probably in a girl's friendzone right now just waiting to f_ck
That stereotype, I tell my young Gs stay out of trouble and then catch a case
That stereotype, and I pray my daughter's never a hoe, but yeah I love jezzies
That stereotype, and I feel embarrassed when I'm around Muslims that are on Deen
That stereotype, and the worst one is, never see a man get stabbed on the ends on that war and sh_t
And the feds ask me to help out and bring justice, me, I say I never saw that sh_t
But if my house got burgled, or a white man shot my nan in public
And the feds never help me out, I be the first one screaming 'Where's the justice? '
I am that typical n_gga
Yeah I am tryna put the good stereotype
Yeah I am that n_gga with a bop in his step
I know who I am
That stereotype
That stereotype

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