Little Bro - Cadet

Ay Yo, can I ask you a question innit? Urmmm what's it... do I know [?] lot innit? And I said "Yeah I know cah, obviously now... you get me sh_t, all that you got me, all man games and all that rubbish." But the reason I say no in a way yeah is cah if you actually think about it, we don't really know each other that well, if you actually deep it and I barely see you and that innit. But obviously now, keep on doing what you're doing innit

Uh, look

Little bro, little bro, you're the apple of my eye and like
More time when I don't give up, listen you're the reason why
Turned 17 and got an attitude so sometimes talking to you gets long
But I need to give you my advice, I don't call I put it in a song
See first things first I apologise. Yeah this is me apologising
Put your name in stereotype, didn't even ask you if you minded
And I can't stunt like I know what it's like, I don't know what it's like being my little bro
But I need to prepare you for the world, ay look come look here it goes
You see first things first when it comes to chicks, don't run around with your f_cking d_ck
Yeah man that girls gonna hurt your heart, and trust me bro it's gonna hurt your piss
But I'm hoping that you go through it early, Some lessons have to be taught
And don't worry about that heartbreak bro, you lose them battles to win the wars
And know all these girls ain't the same, there's bad ones that how it goes
But you're a king so go find your queen, don't be bitter like your big bro
See listen bro, Man have been a wrong'un so heavens gates I may never see
But the reason why I'm telling you, 'cause I'm hoping that you'll be a better me

I need you to be a better me. Just be a better version of me you get me. I've f_cked up bare times man, so just don't be like your big bro man, be a better version of me man


Little bro, little bro, be the better one of me
Do all the sh_t that I couldn't do, see all the sh_t I couldn't see
Turned 17 and got an attitude, that's sports games and a lot of clothes
But honestly, I'll buy you anything because I'm just glad you ain't on the roads
But I still need you to be your own man, while I'm trying to build this legacy
To give you a little head start in life so when they see you they don't think of me
You're my little bro, my big son, my inspiration that's all I've got
But all now I ain't seen your pops, since I told him that I got [*bang noise*]
And secondly bro help your mum, there's no time to think about yourself
It seems like all she does is moan, but all she's asking for is help
It feels like say she's on your back, when she walks in it's like a hurricane
To just tidy up before she gets in because that way she can't complain
So I beg you bro just help me out and all that pain I'll reimburse
Because when I make it with this music thing, you and Chana won't have to work
Your big bro I'm no role model. I've see sh_t you shouldn't have to see
But the reason why I'm telling you, because I need you to be a better me

Be a better version of me man. Be a better version of me man, you know I love you

(And sometimes you might think I don't love you, but I love you. I swear I love you)

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