Country Mile - Camera Obscura

Silver Birch against a Swedish sky
The singer in the band made me want to cry
We?re all inside our own heads now
We are leaving new friends
We are leaving this town
I wish you could be here with me
I would show you off like a trophy
The road it winds, it twists, it turns, now my stomach burns

Once again I?ll be the foolish one
Thinking a blink of these lashes would make you come
Don?t you worry, don?t get in a state
I don?t believe in true love anyway
Who?s being pessimistic now?
I could document this as our first and our last row
The more you look forlorn, the more to you I warm

I won?t be seeing you for a long while
I hope it?s not as long as a country mile
I feel lost

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