I Know the Reason - Carbon Leaf

You talk tough to me and it makes me smile
By the old church yard your feelings hide
I know the reason
And you won't say:
"If we grow too close, will you push away?"
I know the reason

And I like, that we're the same

Are you afrain to love? You afraid to smile?
From the inside out, to the open wide?
I know the feeling. You're way too proud
And will they find you out if you laugh out loud?

I know, that we're the same.
Waterfall. Umbrella in the rain
And I won't ask why. I know the reason
I thought you should know. I know the reason.

I'll never be the same.
I clearly see umbrella in the rain
Over you and me
You are the best thing. Let it show
And if we grow to close, let it undertow
This is the best thing


Should we fall down?
fall down. fall down. fall down
fall down. fall down.


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