How Many Times - Carina Round

I want to get away
I just can't help myself
Seems everything that I've got
Has been had by somebody else

You know I've been so lost
I've been locked in a poison space
I don't think that I can stand
Another minute in this place

How many times, uh
How many times, uh

Morning enters my brain like a razor
Wake up with a face like a snapshot of a New York day
I sit pretty with a fist for a drink
Well how long now until you turn up
Shooting lines of advise like a heart attack
I never heard anything quite as, as exciting as that
I can't stand these people, I keep paying for help

How many times, uh
How many times, uh

I can't stand these questions
I keep asking myself
I need a way home
I, I, I need help

How many times
How, how, how many
How many times, uh
How many times

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