Adrenaline Rush - Chamillionaire

im alergic to p_ssy ass n_ggas,
and the p_ssy ass n_ggas be the one's tryin to come around us,
im not a ginacoligist,
so im not gonna sit here and be dealin with all you vaginas,
im alergic to p_ssy ass n_ggas that be thinkin bout jackin,
and them be the main n_ggas pullin up aside us thay row, haa haachoo,
gimme the gat and maybe that'll clear my sinus,
cant see me i promise,
its kind of like iosis,
starin off into your eye lids,
wanna be violence,
n_gga i dont see your team cuz them n_ggas be invisable as weak smileis,
n_gga we some grindas,
my team we some giants,
im a king im your hinas,
cuz anything you can think im probly the king of,
like crunk music and lil johnas,
and playa i promas,
you can serch but wont find any rhyme that is sicca then my rhymas

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