Solo - Chamillionaire

[Intro - Chamillionaire - talking]
You know it's crazy right?
I've been out on the west coast
Kickin it, grindin
It's the same thing everywhere I go though
Know what I'm talkin 'bout?
Major Pain boy

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
Man the streets just ain't the same, I stay on the low, low
'Cause y'all be messin up the game, don't keep it real no mo'
That's why I'm a keep that thang, everywhere I go whoa
I'm solo, solo, solo, solo

[Break - Chamillionaire - talking {Crooked I}]
Know what I'm talkin 'bout?
Took it to the west coast {Chamillionaire!}
Solo, solo (uh), solo {C.O.B. mix}, solo
The suits tried to hate on us {re-remix!}
Solo, solo (let's get it), solo {the LBC mix}, solo (ye-yeah)

[Verse 1 - Crooked I]
Now I lay me down to sleep, pray to God my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake, I just want my soul to creep
Do it like I did it in the Long Beach streets, when I'm upstairs with the ODB
(Shame on a N_gga) for tryin to run game on a n_gga, lame n_gga you won't be me
Won't be be Proof, won't be Pun, won't be Pimp, won't be 'Pac
Same n_gga in the passenger seat askin you to pass the weed is a low key cop (yeah)
That's why I do my dirt by my lonely, out with the wind, my enemies don't know me
Even the ones pretendin to be a friend of me, my mama can feel your energy, homeboy your phony!
Tell me you love me, dap me and hug me, knife in the back, how triflin is that?
Then the sh_t get ugly, the '09 Muggsy, nice with a MAC, put a price on your hat (bap)
Came in the world all by myself, leave out the world all by myself
I remind myself to ask the most high, to protect my mind, my body, my health (please)


[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Yeah, yeah, ye-yeah
Why would I kick it? All y'all some snitches, y'all look suspicious, don't need your love (love)
Used to love me when I was broke, I got rich and now you're gonna heat me up?
You gon' beat me what? Come on Cletus, walk over your limp back
I am not the one to be pissed at, 'cause you gon' mess around and get pimp slapped (yeah)
Nothin worse than a beggin stripper, not dancin, sayin I better tip her
I ain't down with that beggin baby, get on your grind, 'cause I beg to differ
Naw I wasn't born with a silver spoon (spoon)
Snakes ain't welcome up in the room (room)
Bet ya I'm the one that make you change your tune
When I bomb up on ya like "tick, tick, tick, boom"
Super cool, don't be fooled by the haterism on overdose (dose)
Hombre negocio es en la casa, it's over folks (folks)
Gettin money from coast to coast and that's the reason I hold the most
Better not be in my rear view, 'cause I will shoot when I'm on the spokes
It ain't fair for you, get a parachute, I'll embarrass you if you don't leap
Don't matter if I roll deep, you be "Super Dave" and you gon' leak
Run up on me actin like ya hungry, I turn the heat to a cold feast
You gonna feel like you obese when I make ya swallow my whole piece

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