Answer Machine 2 - Chamillionaire

[This song borrows from Trae's "Swang"]
"N_ggaz better see a n_gga roll
Starch diamonds and I'm rollin on 84"

[Chorus 2X]
Ay, ay, ay swang and I swang and I swang to the left
I pop my trunk and now she tellin me she's so impressed (yes)
It's the answer machine (yes), it's the answer machine
Leave the message for me after the tone

If you callin bout some money, you say I owe you youse a bloody lie
That's a science fiction like that movie with the ugly fly
Money stackin high, got it lookin like a money sky
Jam rag by your thigh, (ha ha!) baby youse a bloody lie
I don't care what they show you OR they tol' you, (tol' you) n_gga please!
Tell you-know-who they shouldn'ta been bootleggin my mix CD (please!)
Some of y'all s_cks, so keep s_ckin while I squirt and squeeze
Liftin up the muscle, like, "Hercules! Hercu-LES!!"
Hope you don't hurt ya knees, let me grant ya next wish
Awkward feelin that you got soon as you leave ya ex-it
Ladies, don't be shy, give it a try, you should mess wit
The Mixtape Messiah's runnin in, that's right you guessed it
Laid up wit a broad (broad), help me with my message
It's Chamilitary mayne, you know who the best is
You know won't nobody in the underground can test this
You know who the flyest and the freshest in the flesh is
Nah, I got no daughter or no son, but I confess this
A playa in a playa that I'd know you'd be impressed wit
I could sit here braggin about how lovely that my sex is
but words cannot describe my lovin in a couple seconds
Enough wit all the small talk, come over and undress miss
You won't have a small thought when you come and undress this
Naw, just say "ah" open up ya jaw and press this
up against ya tonsils then after that I'll press this..

[Chorus 2X]

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