Ask About Me - Chamillionaire

Naw mayn I'm not Blood deep or Crip deep, six feet a click deep
How deep this deep, Nine Mili' clip deep
With this heat a body builder, turn into a pip-squeak
They turn to vegetarians, they don't wanna end up mince meat
You'll see, where the mortuary is at I know you miss me
Snatch the gat plat, and lyrically wreck that ass officially
I see you live in fairy tale, n_ggaz better switch beefs
I'll have the tooth fairy, choke his ass up out of his sleep
Problem with Chamillionaire, but do they mention any name
Hell naw you scarecrow, just try your best to be brave
Got a Smith-N-Wesson, but we know that you gon behave
On safety, you Locksmith like you could get a key made
All up on the thang, like lil' girls turn to teenage
You're really a bunch of hoes, like 6th street at Texas Relays
Ohio to Chicago, I got n_ggaz in the PJ's
Bully skinny, but the armstrong like he was BJ's
I hear these rapping n_ggaz, but believe I'm not a fan of it
I'm here to rid the rap game, of all of it's contaminants
I'm better than the average, I want her I could have the chick
Doing the same pose, as Paris Hilton in them camera flicks
The mathematics get big, cause I'm demanding it
Ripping the rap game, while these other s_ckas is romancing it
Ain't worried about his feelings, they don't wanna take a chance with it
Kissing up to the game, with rose pedals and a candle lit

Yo, what up world this the O.G. Ron C
And you know how we do it, big Texas style mayn
Chopping n_ggaz up, not slopping n_ggaz up
I'm up in the motherf_cking lab, and we doing it like this
We told you motherf_ckers, to step the f_ck back
Let these real G's through, we here now mayn
You know I'm saying, Chamillitary like my n_gga Koop would say mayn
Put that up in your motherf_cking mout mayn

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