Big Deal - Chamillionaire

(Rapid Ric)

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Uh, I'm kinda like a big deal
The reason they gettin pissed is 'cause I'm still liftin fifth wheel
The mission was to get mills
No risk 'cause I get chips so it ain't need to wish steel
So y'all gon' have to fall back
The fact they tried to take your boy to court and I fought back
The suit I'm in is boss black
Don't get a round of applause 'cause the heater always on clap
And when I'm, ridin I never rent 'em
Cars' black so I tint 'em, need haters so I invent 'em
I love it baby like Vegas the way I get 'em
Pockets' deep so I stay with a stack of chips in my denim
Soon as I hit the streets, they was sayin I'm (The One)
Soon as I got in beef, tried to tell me I was done
Soon as I put it down, I hear everybody come
Only (King) that's as "Trill" in the (Underground) is Bun

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
They whisperin about me but can't nobody stop me
How the bootleggers got me? I ain't even got a copy
Pardon me I must say, I'm kinda like a big deal

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
See Uncle Sam must of not been really talkin to me
They told me to hit the Army and "be all I can be"
So I hit the studio and went and talked to the beat
And they told me to get the cheese like it's all you can eat
See if you ain't really hungry, then you boys should retreat
One out of thirteen called part of a fleet
I'm ridin in somethin foreign that don't start with a key
I can't even much pronounce it but it start with a 'T'
You wanna chase money? I got varsity speed
But you can't school me like I balls in the league
Rollin with a ten, really hard 'cause of greed
They be yellin at the moon and still barkin at trees
Koopa vision like a martian that sees
I'm lookin down on the World like "get off of my D"
They told me to hustle hard but how hard can it be?
I drop on the internet but it's all for the streets


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